No donation is too small. Make donating to the foundation an annual event. Any donation of $100 or more the foundation will mail a return receipt statement of donation for tax purposes.

We would like to encourage alumni to consider Thatcher Schools Scholarship & Educational Foundation in their estates and trust. See your tax consultant to see this happen.


The scholarship fund is working with the Arizona Community Foundation to better provide scholarship awards to qualifying students and teachers through an endowment fund, your donation will assist in this effort to assist those graduating Thatcher High School seniors.

The Thatcher Schools Scholarship & Educational Foundation established an endowment in the spring of 2014 through the generous donation of the Prina Family Scholarship Fund. This endowment will assist in providing continuous scholarships to Thatcher High School graduates. With the help of the Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley, this scholarship fund, based on the endowment fund model will carefully invest money donated. This fund management group is a long standing organization with proven success in generating wealth through investment of the money entrusted to it. The growth received from this fund will provide some of the money awarded scholarships and will continue to provide support to future Thatcher High graduates well into the future.


The endowment fund has been set up to begin distribution of monies once the goal of $50,000 has been donated to the fund. The Prina Family Scholarship Fund has established the first $25,000 and has asked that the Thatcher Scholarship Foundation match this donation to begin receiving the growth from this fund.


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