The Thatcher Schools Scholarship Foundation started in 2008 with a thought by few community members to establish a fund that could assist graduating Thatcher High School seniors in their quest for post-secondary education. It began with a donation of $1,500 in 2008.


Each year, starting in 2008 the Foundation has promoted fundraisers with the annual football game barbeque as one of it's most popular. Other fundraisers over the years have included blind auctions, hamburger cookouts and of course donations from alumni and local community businesses have all contributed to the building of the Scholarship Foundation Fund.


We would like to thank all the those who have donated to the scholarship fund over the years through the various fundraising activities, food donations, money donations and time and service to make these events possible. As a result the Thatcher Schools Scholarship and Educational Foundation, Inc has awarded in only the 10 years of existence the following:

  • 49 Student Scholarships in the amount of $31,090

  • 20 Teacher continuing education scholarships in the amount of $19,500


The Thatcher Schools Scholarship and Educational Foundation, Inc is a non-profit organization as defined under IRS 501(C)(3), and as such your donation is tax-deductible.